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Face acne causes and treatments

Face acne causes and treatments “Acne is a chronic skin condition that causes pimples and spots on your skin. It occurs when your hair follicles get clogged with dead skin cells and dirt. Most teenagers can get acne. However, it affects all age groups.

Some people get mild acne, while some can get severe. Sometimes these are so stubborn. When one starts fading, another will pop out. It can make someone conscious about the way they look.

Earlier treatment can help ease the symptoms. Spa treatments can also help you. If you want to give it a go, visit the Life Club Spa. In this blog, we will inform you about the causes of acne. Also, the treatments you can pursue.

Causes of Acne

One can get acne on their face, chest, shoulders, and back. These body organs have the most oil glands. When these oil glands get blocked, you are prone to acne. Some of the primary reasons for acne are as follows.


People who suffer from severe acne should avoid certain foods. They should not consume food that is rich in carbohydrates. It can add to the problem. If you consume foods like bread, cakes, chips, etc., stop eating them. These foods are full of sugar and carbs.

They can get into your blood very fast. Further, it affects your blood sugar. Your body will start making more insulin. So, it can strike the other hormones. That will result in stimulating your oil production.

Hormonal Changes

The rise in androgen level is one of the main causes. Androgen is a type of hormone. Moreover, it triggers acne badly. When it increases, the oil glands start growing under the skin. The glands start producing more sebum.

Most people face this during puberty. The hormonal changes lead to severe breakouts. If you are looking for a spa in Business Bay, you can try your hand at the Life Club Spa.


Stress is not a reason to get acne. But it makes it worse. If you have acne, it will make it more severe. Those who have severe acne, don’t stress yourself. It won’t do any good but rather become troublesome for you.


Sometimes we are going through medication, which also causes acne. The drugs contain lithium, testosterone, and corticosteroids. Those certain medications can be the reason for your acne.

Treatments for Acne

The best solution is to access medical care. The doctor will examine your skin condition. And provide the medications you need. You can ask for aid from a skin specialist.

The doctor can recommend a lotion or gel that will help. You can also go for laser therapies. It can reduce and fade away your blemishes. Furthermore, you can also use chemical peels. They can help to extract dull skin cells.

Use a mild cleanser on your skin. Do not scrub hard, be gentle. Avoid using heavy and oily makeup. Do not keep touching your face. Also, use a little amount of acne medicine.


We have listed some of the reasons for getting acne. Also, we have mentioned the treatments you can opt for. The Life Club Spa is the best massage center in Business Bay. You can pay a visit there.

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