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How to Make How to Make Organic Spa Products Last Longer.

How to Make Organic Spa Products Last Longer. Nowadays, people are demanding more natural skincare. Our skin loves to get pampered. As we feed our body, in the same way, we need to nourish our skin. In such cases, you can rely on organic products. They have all the good-for-you ingredients.

However, it becomes tough to increase its shelf-life. In this blog, we have recommended you some tips. By which you can preserve your organic products. If you wish to have a spa in Business Bay, stop by the Life club spa.

Keep it Clean

Cleanliness is the key to maintaining the shelf life of the products. Pay attention to hygiene. Keep the products in clean jars and containers. If your buy a new one, first wash and dry it properly. You can make use of white vinegar to wash the container. If that is not available, a dishwasher can do the job.

Also, use them with clean hands. If you put dirty hands into it, it is prone to infections. Keep the products in pump dispensers. It would protect your product from skin and water contact. Close the container lids tightly after use.

If you want to pursue professional help, you can go to the Life club spa. It is one of the best massage center in Business Bay.

Conserve it Naturally

To maintain the freshness, you need to add some ingredients. These ingredients tend to increase the life span. You have to protect your product from oxidation. It can be avoided by adding antioxidants.

You can make use of rosemary extract or vitamin e oil. Anti-microbial also works great for increasing the life span. They wipe out the bacteria present in your organic products. You can count on sandalwood, tea tree, sage etc.

Use Distilled Water

When you need water, try to use distilled or boiled one. Avoid using tap water. Though, the filtered water carries bacteria and other impurities. It will make sure that you steer clear of contamination.

You can also keep the aloe Vera gel and witch hazel in your fridge. Also, if there is any recipe you made, keep it in the fridge. It can keep them fresh for a longer time. The Life club spa offers various massages in Business Bay. If you want to indulge in any treatment, the Life club spa is a premium option.

Store it properly

Where you keep your products also matters. Try to keep your products away from sunlight. If it comes in contact with sunlight, it can decay. The UV rays and heat can destroy it. Keep your products in the dark and cool area. They will be safe even if the temperature fluctuates.

Use Food-Grade Alcohol

Alcohol is also an ingredient you can use as a preservative. That doesn’t mean you can use any alcohol. The appropriate one is food-grade alcohol. Further, some ingredients prevent the growth of bacteria.

While ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, methanol etc., can cause serious harm to your skin. People can experience irritation and breakouts. Moreover, be careful when you use it with water-based formulas.


These are some tips you can use. It will help your organic products stay safe for a long time. Also, check out the Life club spa to have a pampering session.

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